Welcome to Acornfasteners.


Over the past 35 years we have grown from a welding specialist to a manufacturer of architectural metalwork.

Our projects include large driveway gates, estate gates, side way gates, railings, handrails, balconies  and many others.

We craft not only steel but wrought iron, cast iron, stainless and aluminium metals with qualified welding technology. Click here

We fabricated the metalwork on the front of the Grand Hotel after the IRA bombing.

The entrance canopy of the Westland Hotel in Bayswater is impressive in its own right.

Built to be extremely durable and has upgraded this hotel immensely.

We have manufactured stainless steel and glass balustrades for the Private Bank in Berkeley Square, HSBC and several private houses.

Also stainless steel balustrades with yacht wires in the City of London.

Examples of these can be seen in our metal fabrication Page. Find out more 

Over recent months we have completed several stainless steel water features and stainless steel trees.