Powder Coating

We supply¬†quality, powder coating services with angle iron bases covered in rolled brass (this is classed as ‘solid brass’) and with brass tube rails.

We have a powder coated range of angle iron bases which are covered with stainless steel cladding to form the shape then black powder coated.

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Although these are top quality fenders we can often undercut ‘shop bought’ fenders because our overheads are low: ask for a quote you may be pleasantly surprised!

Brass fenders will tarnish and so will need cleaning with a metal polish such as Brasso (never use a damp cloth and polish ‘along the grain’ rather than in circles).

We have taken great consideration in decreasing the use of solvents where possible and have installed a new plant, using a detergent-based system to clean/degrease items. For further info

As well as our normal processes we undertake, we have also introduced some chromate-free etch primers, lead-free paints and TGIC-free powders.