All you need to know about metal fabrication in Birmingham

We can recommend specialists in high quality architectural metalwork.

Metal fabrication can range from galvanized plant room metalwork, large stainless staircase structures to batch production of sheet metal enclosures. Visit this page. 

Specialists in the trade

Our project management includes running limitless associated trades and we are happy to provide the supply of simple mild steel sections as we are to run a multi-material sub contract package including timber, polycarbonate, glass and stainless steel. See more information.

Steel Fabrication

Expert steel fabricators in the UK

Hutchinson’s Engineering offers the most comprehensive metalwork service throughout the UK. Their reputation for quality and reliability has however, resulted in supply and fix contracts throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

In addition, they also specialise in the manufacture of punched/perforated stainless steel cladding and metal folding.

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The most common question that is on everyone’s mind is – is there a difference between welding and metal fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of creating something out of metal, and welding is a type of operation used during that process. Find out more about steel fabrication in Birmingham.

Welding will join pieces of metal or glass together using similar melting points and compositions through fusion.

However, fabrication is the overall process of creating a metal product from various layouts and designs throughout the entire process of formation and finishing.