Custom Manufacturing For The Home

Custom manufacturing is essentially just the process of making products or product lines based on each customer’s unique set of specifications.

To actually create the products itself to the specific requirements and specifications of the customer, a factory often incorporates special production systems.

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Instead of investing in a standard assembly line, the company relies on custom built equipment, or on machines that can be reconfigured to meet different needs. 

Zinc Manufacturing 

It’s a natural material

There are many reasons for choosing zinc as it’s perfect for your roofing and facade projects.

What makes Zinc the best material for roofing is it’s naturally resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance.

However, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc makes it the material of choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial developments, public buildings and private projects.

A top performing alloy

Essentially zinc is a alloyed metal combined with copper and titanium added to produce a material with optimum mechanical and physical characteristics for building applications, particularly with regard to mechanical resistance and creep resistance.

Copper Manufacturing 

The Benefits of using copper:

  • Curb Appeal – Copper is an highly attractive metal roofing choice.
  • If you aim to increase your home’s resale value, a copper roof is certainly the ideal choice along with Zinc.
  • Durability – Copper roofs have incredible strength, and can last up to 50 years or even more with regular repairs and maintenance. The metal is highly resistant to fire, hail, and mildew.
  • Weight – Copper is very light as a material, which is obviously a huge benefit when installed as your main roofing structure.
  • The weight means less stress on your home’s internal structures as heavier materials such as steel, clay tiles, or wood shakes. This is especially important during heavy snowfalls.
  • Efficiency – Most the metal roofs available are energy efficient, as they reflect light instead of allowing heat into the home. See more here